About Palette26

Palette26 was founded in 2019, but got its current name in 2021. The name comes from the English word “palette”, which refers to our wide palette of both handicrafts and vintage products but also to our colorful style which could be reminiscent of a paint palette full of shades. The number 26 comes from the place where it all started – house number 26. Together it becomes Palette26.

Palette26 is an online platform and physical store, where you can find unique creations from small but passionate craftsmen as well as vintage finds from Europe. At Palette26 you will find everything from ceramic cups and handmade jewelry to vintage lamps and dresses.

At Palette26, we pay tribute to the individual artisans and the local producers.
We focus on diligence and uniqueness created by imaginative heads and creative hands. A focus that has otherwise been extinct over the last couple of years. We appreciate the imaginative souls, the skilled hands and the abstract thinkers. Therefore, our goal is to create a greater interest in the small businesses, the craft and the local production, so that the way can be paved for a more personal contact between the producer and the customer.

When you shop at Palette26, you support the individual craftsman. You purchase more than just a product. You acquire a unique creation in which effort and love have been put into. You support a passion and enable the artisans to live out their dreams.

Thank you for shopping with us ♥

Pernille & Alberte