We have asked Anita Miklavčič, whose ceramics we sell here,to make her recommendations to the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Stay tuned here and get inspired by the city!

First som information on Anita:

Your name?
Anita Miklavčič

Where are you from?
Ljubljana, Slovenia

What do you do for a living?
I am a fashion and textile design student, but I also have a small business where I make cute and colorful ceramics, illustrations and sustainable textiles.

Vintage shopping in Humana


Tozd – a nice bar

Why visit Ljubljana?
Ljubljana is a truly magical little town. It is the capital of Slovenia, but it does not really feel that way, as the city only houses 280,000 people. It’s a very green, clean city full of nice places to go for walks, drink coffee and enjoy your time.

Where to stay?
The best place to stay in the city is probably in the center, but if you don’t mind a short walk of 10 minutes, I would recommend the Prule / Trnovo area. It’s a very green area right by the river and the walk towards the center is really nice. An interesting place to stay is hostel Celica, which used to be a prison which has now been transformed into a vibrant, cozy and beautiful place to stay. It’s located in the artistic part of Ljubljana.



Gostilna Vida

Where to eat?
Some of my favorite places to eat are:

Pizza : 5-6 KG, Verace, Trappica, Dobra vila

Burger : Hood Burger

Falafel : Abi Falafel

Traditionally : Slovenian Hiša – if you want to eat traditional Slovenian food, eat here. They serve meat, potatoes, soup and delicious pastries.

Brunch : Le Petit, Gostilna Vida

Bakery : Pointers 8 – Arrive early in the morning

Ice cream : Vigo, Cacao, Gelanteria Romantika

Vegan : Veganika, Barbarella

Fast food : Burek olimpija

Cafes and bars : There are many good cafes and bars, but some of my favorites are Pritličje, Tozd, Zorica and Moderna.

Textile House

Dobra Vaga


Where to shop?
Sustainable fashion and second hand: Anselma, Gvant, Textile House, Pulz, Volja, Humana.
Local shops that are worth visiting: God shop, Babushka Boutique, Dobra Vaga, Biscuit.

Where to go out?
Cinema Šiška – here you can go to concerts

Metelkova – Several clubs, the locals’ go-to place

K4 in Zorica – Bar and club

KUD – Club

How to get around?
You can easily walk around the city, but if you want to rent a bike, you can do so at BICIKELJ.

Kino Šiška

The Botanical Garden


Other local tips?
Visit the castle at sunset where the views are lovely. You can easily walk to the castle, but otherwise you can also take a taxi depending on where you are.

Tivoli Park
– visit during the day where you can have a picnic or go for a walk.

– a wonderful place to sit by the river. Nearby is also Špica, which is a great place to drink coffee, and two minutes away is the Botanical Garden, which is a small but cozy place to visit.

Kinodvor : A cinema with a small nice café.

Koseški Bajer : A cute spot to hang out by a small pond.

Rožnik : The locals’ favorite place to walk. You can start at Tivoli and end at the pink church, which is a nice place for a picnic.

Odprta kuhna : Food market with a lot of local specialties. Visit the place on Fridays if the weather is good.

Hood Burger



Thanks for reading!
We hope Anita could inspire you to visit Ljubljana. You can follow Anita on Instagram here< 3

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