We’ve teamed up with Imogen Beard from Round About Ceramics to give you a guide to Bath, England, where she’s from and from where she creates the most beautiful, colourful ceramic creations every day. Continue reading to get to know Imogen’s favourite places in Bath!

Why visit Bath?
Bath is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a very small town, but with many things to explore. As the town is located in a valley, the surroundings are absolutely stunning. You’re going to stop and take pictures all day – I do – even though I’ve lived here almost all my life!

Where to stay?
Bath is so small that you can live in any area and still be close to everything. There are many options when it comes to places to stay, from luxury hotels to small bed & breakfasts and airbnbs.

Where to eat?
One of the things I love most about Bath is all the cafes. There are so many great cafes in Bath! My ultimate favourite place has to be Sugarcane Studio, an Asian fusion cafe with amazing, freshly made pastries. Many of the cafes have limited tables, so here are my go-to cafes you must try:

Sugarcane Studio, Society Cafe, Landrace Bakery, Mjölk, Good Day Cafe, Colonna & Small’s, Cortado café, Nata, Cascara, The Colombian Company and The Green Bird Cafe.

My favourite lunch spots are: The Whole Bagel (Sandwich shop), Wild Cafe (All day brunch), Dough (Pizzas) and Bonghy Bo (Noodle bar).

It’s really hard to pick just a few restaurants, but my favourites in Bath have to be: Hondo Sushi, Hall and Woodhouse, Walcot House and The Scallop Shell.

Sugarcane Studios

Hondo Sushi

Milk Café

Where to shop?
One of my favourite shops in Bath is Found and is located at the end of Pulteney Bridge. The shop has a lovely section with home furnishings. In addition, I would suggest a visit to the beautiful shop Toppings Bookshop and Magalleria, which has the best selection of magazines.

Must sees?
There are so many famous landmarks in Bath, and here are some that I think are worth visiting: The Royal Crescent, The Circus, Great Pulteney Street (Pulteney Bridge and the Weir) and The Roman Baths. All these sites (except the latter) are free to visit. Alexandra Park is also the perfect place to see the city from above – it offers the best views of the Bath Valley.

How to get around?
As Bath is a small city, it’s easiest to get around on foot. In addition, you can take the bus or rent scooters if you wish. I do not recommend driving through the city. It is possible, but most roads are one-way and there are very few parking spaces. There are some specific places to park in the city centre, but there is rarely space! There are also good opportunities to take the train to nearby areas worth visiting.

Great Pulteney Street

Pulteney Bridge and Bath Weir

Bath City Centre

Thanks to Imogen for her tips for Bath!
We wanted to visit the city ourselves when we read her guide. We hope you feel the same way 🙂

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