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Our co-founder Pernille has been on a real charter trip with a travel company to Crete. Here she stayed on the so-called “charter street” where all the charter hotels are placed in a row – something that would give you chills if you’re not into that kind of thing.

The beaches are fantastic and it was nice to have an easy and simple journey, so she will try to give her recommendations for places to eat and car rentals as well as places to drive to, so you can take a break from the charter area.

Since the city is placed in the Mediterranean area her primary recommendations are eateries serving seafood. Stay tuned for Pernille’s tips for Crete!

rejseguide til Agia Marina, Kreta, Santa Marina Plaza Beach hotel
Rejseguide til kreta, Alfa draft beer
rejseguide til Agia Marina, Kreta, Santa Marina Plaza Beach hotel

Where to stay when visiting Agia Marina in Crete?

I have been to Agia Marina twice and both times I have booked a package holiday viaApollo Travel . To avoid being disappointed, I specifically always look for 4-star hotels only when booking trips abroad. One time we stayed at Amalthia Beach Resort – it’s a super nice hotel, but with minimal sea views and you had to pay 10 € to stay by the beach.

This time we stayed at the Santa Marina Plaza Beach Hotel (Giannoulis). It was a really nice hotel with the finest view of the sea from the balcony. The breakfast was not outstanding but the hotel offered great facilities and free sunbeds by the beach.

Where to eat?

In the area there are really many tourist traps when it comes to restaturants, but we found some pretty good places – however, we’ve only tried traditional appetizers and seafood, so no meat dishes.

Our absolute favorite place isMitsos – good service, cozy traditional decor and wonderful seafood.

Besides Mitsos (Picture 3 + 4) I would recommend Palirria Taverna (2), The Olive Tree (1), Limanaki and Sebastian.

rejseguide til Agia Marina, Kreta, Grillet frisk fisk på The Olive Tree
rejseguide til Agia Marina, Kreta, sea food restaurant
rejseguide til Agia Marina, Kreta, restaurant mitsos
Rejseguide Agia Marina, Mitsos restaurant sea food

What to do?

Everytime I have been to Crete it has been quite windy, but luckily there are a myriad of car rentals so you can rent a car and go on a road trip around the island.

We rented a car through Euromotor Car rental at 40 € per day. It’s easy, fast and cheap to rent a small car here. No deposit and hidden fees.

We drove along the coast to the west and out on one isthmus to Arfrata Beach – a nice hidden pebble beach with a small restaurant. Then we drove to Falasarna Beach – a wide sandy beach with azure water. Later we drove to Tiny Beach, Pink Sand and had lunch at a small local restaurant – Alikia.

The next day we drove through the mountains on a beautiful trip to Elafonissi Beach – a real “Instagram beach” with people posing everywhere, but out on the horizon you will find sand dunes and Elafonissi Wild Beach which is a more private place as not everyone discovers it. There are some visitors, but not nearly as many as on the other side of the dunes.

On the way home we drove through a nice little town where we ate at a small mountain restaurant, Oinohoos Topolia, with the most beautiful view.

Afrata Beach, Rejseguide til Kreta, Agia Marina, Chania
Rejseguide Kreta chania Agia Marina Roadtrip
Elafonissi Wild Beach rejseguide til kreta Chania og Agia Maria

We hope Pernille’s little guide to Agia Marina, Crete can be used for inspiration!

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